C. E. Hutton

President & Chief Executive Officer

A native of Denver, Colorado – C. E. Hutton has 30 years of diverse professional experience, with 25 years of high profile executive management experience with Fortune 50 to Fortune 500 companies leading business organizations.

His contributions have spanned various industries encompassing Telecommunications, Energy, Wireless and Cable services. Mr. Hutton’s expertise covers many business disciplines including Customer Operations, Customer Experience, Service, Sales, Customer Loyalty, and Finance in start-up and mature business organizations. C. E. has held direct accountability for annual operating plans of more than $200M inclusive of national and international locations and led organizations as large as 1,400 employees.

He is known for providing vision and strategies to transform concepts into lucrative realities and has a depth of understanding in ensuring that end to end operations are run as efficient as possible, bolstered by solid, replicated business processes, collaboration and consistent execution. His natural curiosity regarding business evolution, trends, opportunities, and consistent performance excellence led him to the Cannabis Industry in 2016. C. E. is an accredited investor with a diverse portfolio of investments in and outside of the cannabis industry, and is a General Partner in two venture funds.

C. E. is driven by helping others through business development and empowerment of communities and also committed to continued learning, business excellence and professional mentoring. C. E. received his B.A. degree from California State University in Fresno, CA and completed the NAMIC Executive Leadership Program at the Anderson Graduate School of Management at UCLA. Additionally, he has completed a second Executive Program at the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota.

Khadijah Adams

Vice President & Chief Operations Officer

Cassondra R. Parker-Adams also known as “Khadijah” in the cannabis industry is originally from Sugar Land, Texas and has been a full-time entrepreneur since December 12, 1997. Certified Signing Services, Inc specialized in notarizing a variety of commercial and residential real estate documents that closed outside of the Title Company, law office or mortgage companies. Ms. Adams has developed and trained a network of more than 10,000 notaries public nationwide during her career, and her database of clients included industry giants like Countrywide Mortgage, HSBC, JP Morgan Chase, Chase Bank, American Title, Integrated Real Estate, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, Mooser & Freibert, PLLC; Mattingly & Ford Title Company, just to name a few.

When the real estate bubble burst in 2007-2008, Certified Signing Services was dissolved after 10 years of successfully operating in the real estate space. From 2008 to 2013, Ms. Adams co-owned and co-operated a chain of computer stores in Houston, Texas, but decided to sell them when Colorado legalized cannabis for recreational consumption. Not knowing how or where she fit in, Ms. Adams began networking in the community and at conferences and industry events; and then began speaking publicly. She was quickly introduced to and took an interest in the investment sector of the marijuana industry.

Ms. Adams began investing in cannabis related companies both privately and publicly held and by late November 2014, she and a business partner formed MIPR, LLC, a cannabis consulting and investor relations company located in Aurora, Colorado. She served as the founder and senior managing partner for 3-1/2 years and was responsible for consulting and connecting accredited investors to viable investment opportunities within the industry. MIPR, LLC and MIPR Holdings, LLC were acquired in June 2017 by C. E. Hutton, LLC (Denver, Colorado) where Ms. Adams now serves as the vice president and chief operating officer. Together, C. E. Hutton and Ms. Adams founded The GreenStreet Academy, an online educational platform that teaches the basics of investing in the marijuana industry.

Ms. Adams speaks publicly about investing in diversity as well as the issues surrounding the lack of diversity within the cannabis and hemp industries. She is passionate about re-educating the communities most affected by the “War on Drugs” with the truth about cannabis, how and why it became illegal and the economic benefits of positioning as business owners, or as investors early-on.

Ms. Adams sits on the board of the National Cannabis Chamber of Commerce (Denver Chapter); the Executive Committee of the Minority Business Council (MBC) of the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA), C. E. Hutton, LLC and The GreenStreet Academy.

Member of the MRMM, MCBA, NCCC, NCIA and a supporter of the Wounded Warriors Project.

Jennifer Brazer


Founder and CEO of Complete Controller, a leading national business services firm, Jennifer Brazer believes that all business owners should have access to excellent financial data with which to fuel their critical decisions. She has developed efficient bookkeeping and recordkeeping methods and a delivery system that allows businesses to stay securely connected to their financial data without being tethered to an office. Her solution promotes financial transparency and accountability, providing a critical foundation for success.

Jennifer’s 12-year old company became engaged in serving the cannabis industry 5 years ago in support of a client that had made a substantial investment in a licensed operation. Her teams have since served industry ventures ranging in focus from wholesale cultivators to retail dispensaries, cannabis support businesses, real estate developers, and financiers. Working alongside top CPAs and attorneys in the industry, she encourages Cannabis business owners to demand strong financial controls and accountability within their business structures. Good operators mean good business for the Cannabis industry.

Attributing her success to the support of willing advisors and mentors, Jennifer is always looking for ways to give back; empowering the small business community through financial literacy. An avid supporter of entrepreneurs, Jennifer is a guest speaker to incubators, including Orange County’s Fast Start Studio. Her passion for women in business has fueled her membership in the National Association for Women Business Owners for which she has served on the Orange County chapter executive board for two terms, as treasurer and a small business mentor. She is well respected in the CPA community, and her firm serves as the back office bookkeeping solution to accounting firms nationwide.

Barry R. Gainsburg, PA

Securities Attorney

Barry R. Gainsburg, Esq. is a cannabis industry and securities attorney. Mr. Gainsburg is nationally known and has been published on numerous occasions providing keen insight into the cannabis and securities industries.

Mr. Gainsburg can assist clients by providing cannabis business consulting, procuring and negotiating government contracts, providing compliance and regulatory consulting services, draft  various agreements, contracts, securities agreements and filings, Oversee corporate governance and Board issues.  Provide advice on marketing, compliance and public relations matters.

Mr. Gainsburg serves as legal advisor for The Marijuana Show, and represents various cultivators, edible producers, dispensaries and other ancillary cannabis businesses. Mr. Gainsburg previously served as General Counsel for BioTrackTHC™.

Mr. Gainsburg attended the Johns Hopkins University and Hofstra University Law School.

Hugo D. Aviles


Hugo D. Aviles has expertise in world economics, blockchain technology, social media innovation, and metrics-driven internet marketing strategies. He proudly served in the United States Marine Corps during Operation Enduring Freedom and is currently the Co-Founder and Managing Partner at iBoss Advertising, an international strategic digital media marketing firm, and hBoss Digital, a digital marketing agency specializing in enterprise monetization scaling for the music industry.

Hugo is also the Portfolio Manager of Blockhash Capital, a blockchain digital asset management company that is firmly committed to providing impressive returns through the use of a diversified and actively managed portfolio of blockchain digital technology assets.

He is also the Co-Founder of Cardconnect – FDIS-Tampa, an interchange management technology platform under First Data, which currently has an annual portfolio of $30+ million under self-directed management. CardConnect provides SMBs & Enterprises with simple & secure credit card payment processing, using industry-leading tokenization & P2PE.

In addition, Hugo is currently the CTO at Arias Intel Corp and the Co-Founder of iBoss Ventures a strategic technology holding company with a focus on developing innovative digital technologies. He also sits on the advisory board of C. E. Hutton, a capital consulting firm and business management company offering strategic services to minority-owned businesses.

Dana Blickensderfer


Dana Blickensderfer has proficiency in international public relations, viral marketing, content development, and Internet marketing business solutions. She specializes in driving companies through metrics and data analysis, and her skill in strategic detail drives top talent, creating a culture of excellence.

Ms. Blickensderfer is the COO and Managing Member of iBoss Ventures. She is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner at iBoss Advertising, an international strategic digital media marketing firm serving clients from New York to Latin America. She is a Co-Founder and Managing Partner of iBoss Digital, a digital marketing agency specializing in enterprise monetization scaling for the music industry.

Since 2010, Ms. Blickensderfer advises and is the director of operations for an established Florida-based law firm with millions settled under its legal management team. As the director of operations, she rapidly developed the structure of the law firm practice and individual roles in the firm, for multiple locations.

Mary Beth

Business Funding Specialist

Mary Beth Stenzel has been specializing in merchant services for over a decade in Denver, Colorado. Originally from Minnesota, she graduated from Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, OK where she was a World Action Singer for their television shows.

With a background in finance it was an exciting transition into Merchant Services. It has been a joy to learn how a great variety of business models have started, grown and achieved lasting success.

Mary Beth has educated and enrolled 1,000’s of businesses nationwide by reducing their fees when customers are paying by credit card. This education includes EMV acceptance, PCI Compliance, Mobile Apps and her exclusive Chargeback Insurance Program. Since 2012 she has taught small workshops for the PASC Public Accountants Society of Colorado and their members.

Mary Beth has been an active member of the Colorado Women’s Chamber, the Hispanic Chamber, and the Aurora Chamber of Commerce for years. MersaTech is a Gold Star member of the Denver and Boulder BBB. MersaTech has been ranked by Market Trends Magazine as one of the top 30 Credit Card Processors Nationwide.

Desmond A. Peartree

Small Business Development

An action oriented hands-on executive with demonstrated commitment and leadership in improvement and optimization of all aspects of business operations. Desmond A. Peartree (DAP) is frequently sought out for his energy and ability to translate ideas into products, sales and profits.

Mr. Peartree has 22 years of corporate training and direction experience managing a $6 billion dollar Telecommunications Company, parting as the Director in Small Business Marketing Group. Mr. Peartree has managed multimillion dollar marketing budgets, exceeding annual revenue success of $300MM with 4,000+ employees in ten sales offices across a fourteen state region.

Since 2001, Mr. Peartree is the CEO of Targeted Media Communications, a full-service Community Advertising Agency and Publishing company. He is also the publisher of The Black Book AZ, Nevada’s Black Pages, Arizona Jazz Magazine, and Urban Matters; and served as the Adjunct Professor at Phoenix Community College where he provided instruction and mentoring in Small Business Start-Up and Management.

Mr. Peartree has degrees in Electronic Communications, Computer Science and Marketing and has received the Small Business of the Year from the Greater Phoenix Black Chamber of Commerce, Achievement Award– MEDIA – 100 Black Men, Book of Lists – Top 25 Minority owned businesses – Phoenix Business Journal and is #1 of 70 Black Pages from 2002 to 2007 – Black Page Publishers Association.

Michael Souza

Managing Partner & Client Support Services

Co-Founder and CEO of Liberty Call Distribution, LLC (San Diego, CA), a products distribution company that specializes in assisting United States Veterans by helping them position in the cannabis and hemp industries as business owners or investors.

Michael is a veteran Seabee with the United States Navy, and worked as an Utilitiesman responsible for planning, supervising and performing tasks involved in installation, maintenance and the repair of plumbing, heating, steam, compressed air, fuel storage and distribution systems; water treatment and distribution systems, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment, systems, as prescribed by drawings and specifications; schedule and evaluate installation and operational tasks; prepare records and reports; maintain individual combat readiness; and perform tasks required in combat and disaster preparedness or recovery operations. After 12 years of honorable service, Michael was injured on the job and was honorably discharged. He moved to Orlando, Florida and began working directly with the CEO of J. A. Croson for a period of three years, and successfully closed an average of $1.4MM in contracts monthly while working as an Estimator. Michael was responsible for designing gas, water and sewer systems for apartment complexes and large scale hotels. He later moved his family to Las Vegas, NV where he worked as a Foreman for companies like Mr. Rooter and Precision Plumbing. In an effort to be closer to family, Michael moved his wife and three daughters to San Diego, CA where he worked as a B2C Salesman with Culligan Water Company surpassing regional sales goals by generating more than $325k in annual sales. Unfortunately due to the work injuries he sustained while in the military, as well as PTSD, Michael was forced into retirement.

While retired, Michael was introduced to medical marijuana as an alternative medicine to prescription opioids to help with chronic pain and PTSD. After witnessing firsthand how minorities were being disproportionately arrested for non-violent drug possession; and how many U. S. Veterans were being denied access to medical marijuana to treat their PTSD, Michael quickly became an advocate for human rights; determined to make a difference in the industry. When California announced the legalization of recreational marijuana, he knew it was his opportunity to not only position in the industry as a business owner, but also help other veterans’ position as business owners in the industry as well. Mr. Souza is a true believer in “We the People” and as a father and devoted serviceman, he is committed to raising awareness to end prohibition as we move to professionalize this newly legalized industry. Mr. Souza became a partner in C. E. Hutton, LLC in November 2017, and serves as the President of Veteran Affairs.

Adam Edwards


Adam Edwards is a native of Missouri City, Texas. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance from the University of Texas at Austin. Mr. Edwards has gained a working knowledge of the cannabis industry through his completion of his Cannabis Business, Budtender, Horticultural Specialist and Grow Basics Certifications.

Mr. Edwards has directly placed $10MM in real estate transactions on behalf of a $500MM hedge fund whose objective was to buy and hold long term real estate investments. In addition, Mr. Edwards has worked as a Financial Analyst where he has analyzed the financial makeup hundreds of companies ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

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