Securities and Government Contracts

Get in the know with compliance and regulations for marijuana industry products and businesses.

Barry R. Gainsburg, Esq.

Securities Attorney

Barry R. Gainsburg, Esq. is a cannabis industry and securities attorney. Mr. Gainsburg is nationally known and has been published on numerous occasions providing keen insight into the cannabis and securities industries.  Proving clients with cannabis business consulting, procuring and negotiating government contracts, providing compliance and regulatory consulting services, draft various agreements, contracts, securities agreements and filings; oversees corporate governance and Board issues.

Focus Areas

Marijuana Law, Securities, Government Contracts

Adam Edwards


Adam Edwards is a native of Missouri City, Texas. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance from the University of Texas at Austin. Mr. Edwards has gained a working knowledge of the cannabis industry through his completion of his Cannabis Business, Budtender, Horticultural Specialist and Grow Basics Certifications.

Mr. Edwards has directly placed $10MM in real estate transactions on behalf of a $500MM hedge fund whose objective was to buy and hold long term real estate investments. In addition, Mr. Edwards has worked as a Financial Analyst where he has analyzed the financial makeup hundreds of companies ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

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