Marijuana Stigma Not Keeping This Black Man Out of the Billion Dollar Industry

Marijuana Stigma Not Keeping This Black Man Out of the Billion Dollar Industry

Now that Marijuana is the fastest growing industry in America and generates billions of dollars annually, it is believed that only 19% of business ownership is represented by Minorities according to the Marijuana Business Daily and of these companies only 1% generate six-figure annual revenue.

What is the story behind this?

One critical element is how the criminal justice system has and continues to treat people of color. Methodical racial prejudice drove cannabis arrests in communities of color and the American Civil Liberties Union and Human Rights Watch reports that in 39 states that provided sufficient data, Black people are four times more likely to be arrested for cannabis possession than white people, although they consume cannabis at similar rates.

Also, Black and Latino men are still being subjected to mass incarceration in the continuing “War on Drugs.”

Additionally, Black and Latino men are by far subjected to more criticism when it comes to the stigma of marijuana both politically and spiritually. Because of the disproportionate amount of arrests, many find the stigma hard to ignore and even harder to overcome.

One man refuses to allow the social challenges and stigma of marijuana to keep him out of this billion-dollar industry. To prove it, he transitioned from an Executive position in corporate America into the Marijuana industry.

C. E. Hutton took his first steps out of the proverbial “canna-closet” in 2016 when he made his first investment in a cannabis-related tour company. His vision to help level the playing field for minorities in the cannabis space came when he completed his first corporate acquisition.

After investing in The GreenStreet Academy, a minority-owned online educational platform focused on teaching the basics and fundamentals of investing in the marijuana industry, C. E. decided to make his transition into the cannabis industry official by launching C. E. Hutton, LLC (“The Company”) in June 2017.

The Company is a minority-focused business development and management company that offers a unique suite of business and management services to Entrepreneurs and small to mid-size companies seeking to enter or expand their business in the cannabis and hemp industries.

“It is no secret that disadvantages exist for people of color who are trying to realize their business dreams and aspirations and the existing stigma and challenges to realize them can appear to be without end. The best way to attack those challenges is to build allies, business and community networks and seek supporters that provide access and insight.

The C.E.Hutton firm will be the one of those supporters that is focused on creating positivity in the marijuana industry for minority entrepreneurs and transforming those dreams and aspirations into actual business ownership empowerment.”

To learn more about C. E. Hutton, please visit

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