High on the American Dream

High on the American Dream

The last few years have consisted of debates with lawmakers on the legalization of marijuana. Some states, like Colorado and Washington, have already taken matters into their own hands and have managed to make recreational marijuana legal through their state legislature. But, despite these breakthroughs, arrests over possession are a continued occurrence. There is one undeniable fact though, which has become a common thread with these arrests: that people of color are four times as likely to be arrested, and twice as likely to face charges for possession over a white person.

Thankfully, as the cannabis industry becomes more stabilized, it will be easier to combat the legal system and be of help to those arrested on minor possession charges. An article written by Leafly has already suggested that the best way to do this is by supporting local minority-owned cannabis companies. They provide a list of 12 of these top companies.

Below is a list of several of these businesses with brief descriptions. While it isn’t entirely complete, they are some of the leading cannabis companies that are shaping the industry.

Panacea Valley Gardens
This Oregon based company cultivates cannabis for medical purposes. It is owned by the chairman and co-founder of the Minority Cannabis Business Association (MCBA), Jesce Horton. He developed a vertically-integrated cannabis cultivation hub known a Saints Cloud in 2016. It’s expected to have 20,000 feet in cultivation space along with a dispensary, onsite-processing plant, and a water recycling, solar paneled, heat exchange system for maximum energy proficiency.

Hollingsworth Cannabis Company
The business is family owned and involves three generations. Raft Hollingsworth III works with his father, Raft Jr., his two sisters, and their 96-year-old grandmother, Dorothy. It is located in Washington and is a Tier III I-502 licensed cannabis producer and processor. They offer cannabis flowers and infused, triple filtered cannabis oil. Their naturally sustainable growth and harvesting practices are to ensure the company has as small a carbon footprint as possible.

Simply Pure
A dispensary located in Denver, Colorado owned by Wanda James and her husband, Scott Durrah. After Wanda’s brother was arrested and charged with a felony for possession as a teenager, she knew she had to fight the social injustice from cannabis arrests.

Supernova Women
The Women of Color in Cannabis, to help small cannabis industries become self-sufficient, formed the organization in 2015. Their most noteworthy service is providing a series called Shades of Green that educates colored communities on how to be involved with legislation for cannabis legalization, and how politics and local regulations can affect their business.

Other companies that were listed were Cali Premium Produce, Natural Blessing, Apothecarry, Euphorium, Zion Gardens, and Commencement Bay cannabis. These businesses are providing a large hand in helping the fight for cannabis legalization. Their biggest push is by having leadership run by people of minority groups habitually targeted for cannabis crimes. Being involved is the only way for positive change; so don’t forget to contribute your efforts towards a battle that matters!


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