Diversity Management: No Longer About the Bottom Line

Diversity Management: No Longer About the Bottom Line

Diversity management is paramount to the growth of companies in the cannabis and hemp industries. Times have changed, no longer can companies hide behind their lack of cultural acumen. Organizations that seek market relevancy must embrace diversity in how they think, behave and innovate.

Diversity is no longer about the bottom-line! It’s about how an organization treats its clients and employees from inception. Understandings and viewpoints regarding diversity and new best practices that allows diversity to play a more strategic role in cultivating sustainable business growth starts with authenticity.

It’s no mystery that companies in the cannabis and hemp industries are known to pay lip service when it comes to diversity and they really don’t embrace or live by it. It’s not only evident in their conversation, but it’s evident in the culture of their company. Diversity is more than employee demographics and supporting a few non-profit organizations. Companies cannot continue to buy diversity, and the ones who do, stand a BIG chance of damaging their brand.

Our global society has changed, and the new generation carefully evaluates how companies and organizations adjust to this change. When companies are not authentic; clients and employees start to question their leadership.

Here at C. E. Hutton, diversity is the foundation of our brand. We’re taking a long-term strategic approach to engage diversity while defining our new role in the cannabis industry.

Diversity is not about getting into multicultural markets; it’s about rethinking the way we do business. Embracing different people who believe different things and represent different cultures, generations, ideas, and ways of thinking drives innovative perspectives. This is Diversity.

Innovation is about looking at complex problems and bringing new perspectives to the table to help solve them. That’s exactly what companies and Entrepreneurs will find here at C. E. Hutton.

Our brand is synonymous with diversity and although we’re new to the cannabis industry, we’re making a name for ourselves by responding to the needs of our clients in an authentic way they respect.

– Khadijah Adams

Khadijah Adams is the Vice President and COO of C. E. Hutton, a minority-focused
business development and management company located in Denver, Colorado. Khadijah
has 20 years of business development, operational management, sales and marketing
experience. For more information about C. E. Hutton, go to: www.cehutton.com

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