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C. E. Hutton is a Minority-focused private equity firm that also offers business development, management and capital raise support services. Although not exclusive to Minorities, we are inclusive to all communities that understand and appreciate the true value that diversity brings to our global society.  We offer an array of business tools and services for Entrepreneurs and small to mid-size companies seeking to enter, or expand their business in the legal cannabis and hemp industries. Operating in the cannabis space since June 2017, our team of professionals have 75 years of combined business experience and are skilled in their prospective fields, 20 of those 75 years are of combined cannabis experience.  Our team knows and understands the landscape, we know the market and we understand the industry.



Our operations are of the highest caliber with regards to financial knowledge, technological advancements, and skills in risk control.



We focus on the satisfaction of the client. We are goal-oriented & structure plans with strategic partners to ensure long-term client success.



We create a winning culture & leadership dynamic. We thrive off teamwork & setting a positive morale that impacts daily operations.



END-TO-END Discovery

Structuring and sourcing equity and debt to provide our clients with flexibility and certainty of execution.



Transparent Communication

Communicating our client’s vision and needs to the right capital sources, including bankers, fund managers, and co-investors




Recognizing key economic trends early and providing up-to-date capital market and transaction information.


Strategic Partners

Our firm’s success is measured in project life-cycles as we see your project from start to finish, from acquisition, to development, and stabilization. We are strategically aligned with Trustart Financial, an alternative lending institution that provides our clients access to business loans, lines of credit and/or direct equity investments to help them start, grow or expand their business. Our firm has recently partnered with Totum Advising Group (TAG), a minority-focused business development firm.


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Funding partners are evaluated during our vetting process to ensure the best possible funding experience for each one of our customers.

Proprietary Methodology

What sets us apart is our proprietary methodology which allows business owners to get actual results from multiple product types and the ability to go directly to contract.

Industry Experience

Our experience in the lending industry sets us apart. We understand transactions from a true lending perspective and are better apt to view each transactions risk while quickly procuring the correct mitigant.

We think big. We move fast. We act boldly.

We push ourselves daily to find new and creative ways to help the small businesses we serve – and we love every minute of it!

Our Office

Our team and advisors are highly reputable in the fields of high-performance business consulting.

Our Services

We take pride in our work! Our service offerings cater to our client’s needs & surrounding market.

Our Academy

We aim to educate. Our powerful new program helps you utilize quality educational resources.

Vice President | Chief Operations Officer

Khadijah Adams

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President | Chief Executive Officer

Charles Hutton

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CO-Chief Operations Officer

Tim Montague

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Director of Technology & Advisory Board Member

Hugo D. Aviles

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Director of Marketing & Advisory Board Member

Dana Blickensderfer

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Author, Entrepreneur, Founder of Just Go Trav (NBC) & Advisory Board Member

Tammy Levent

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Retired Educator, Investor & Advisory Board Member

Leisa Richardson

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President of TAG Business Development

Heather Lawson-Bradfield

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Chief Financial Officer of TAG Business Development

Sarah Johnson

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Director of Business Development

Emmanuel Neal

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Advisory Board Chair

Desmond A. Peartree

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TAG Marketing Specialist

Brandon Rogers

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Securities Attorney & Senior Cannabis Consultant

Barry R. Gainsburg, PA

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Vice President of TAG Web Development

John Singleton

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Graphic Designer & Web Developer

David Canonigo

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Manager of Social Media

Michelle Cox

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TAG Social Media Specialist

Melissa Avalos

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Financial Advisor & Consultant

Jennifer Rowland

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President of Veteran Affairs

Michael Souza

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Deep Industry Relationships

Our deep relationships within the industry gives us an unparalleled advantage in providing our national clientele with the best strategic business consulting services and financing solutions.

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